After a van was driven into a group of people outside of a Mosque in Finsbury Park, the Left has been front and center pointing fingers at racism, white supremacy and radicalized terror.

If only they cared this much with other terror attacks …

Take J.K. Rowling for instance:

Is she implying that Nigel Farage is radicalizing terrorists?

That’s pretty nasty.

And an absolute double standard.

Guess it’s ok when THEY do it …

Sadly like Stephen King and other celebrities, the only relevance they seem to have lately is when they ‘stir things up on Twitter.’ Because you know, writing popular books immediately makes them experts on this stuff.

Pretty awful.

It’s their fault for getting attacked and now it’s their fault because a ‘lone wolf’ reportedly drove a van into a group of Muslims.

Of course not. Narrative is EVERYTHING.

In a way it feels like Rowling is being snarky with folks for calling out Islamic terror, like this is somehow payback?

Repulsive indeed.


BREAKING: Metropolitan Police arrest 1 after vehicle collides with pedestrians in Seven Sisters Road; Update