When Donald Trump tweets, the Left listens.

Well, actually the Left hears what they want and then melts down like raging toddlers who haven’t been potty-trained just yet, but either way he certainly knows how to get their attention.

Like his tweets this morning on the travel ban:

The man didn’t mince words, that’s for sure.

Thinking they changed some of the language because whether we like it or not, the world is so politically correct we can hardly get anything done; and many Americans want this ban passed.

He’s not wrong.

Check out the explosion from the Left – sorry if it smells like body odor and patchouli:

Look at all the blue checkmarks freaking out on his tweets. LOL.

Oh and this Adam fellow? He brags in his bio that Trump has him blocked, and yet he continues to tweet the president. Wonder if he knows that’s actually a Twitter TOS violation.

Not that Jack would suspend one of his own.

They also attacked this man for wanting a ban in England:

When will the Left figure out that every time they panic tweet and troll this way, they are helping Trump win in 2020?

No one tell them.