From a tenured chair at Harvard … we can’t make this up.

Sorry but this is PROOF of what is truly wrong with America today. People like this woman educating young people and deliberately misleading them to support her progressive agenda.

Grade school kids know how the country was founded, how can Joyce not?

Ted Cruz was more than happy to remind the Harvard chair about actual history:

This would have only been better if he’d said something about how much she paid for her fancy education and how much he paid for his library card and asked if Joyce likes THOSE apples (like that scene from Good Will Hunting).

Sadly, the stupid wasn’t in short supply yesterday after Trump announced our withdrawal from the Paris Agreement:

Oh no, don’t depart! Whatever shall we DO?!

And of course Ted, being the helpful helper he is, had a suggestion for Elon as well:

And curtain.

Ted Cruz slamming smug, dumb people Twitter is the best Twitter.