Thinking Hillary Clinton may have burned a bridge with the DNC.

And seriously, that’s HILARIOUS!

From Hot Air:

Andrew Therriault made it clear that he has no intention of serving as Hillary Clinton’s scapegoat — at least for a little while. The former Director of Data Science for the DNC took to Twitter early this morning to castigate the two-time fumbler on presidential elections for her “f****** b***s***” accusations. Sometime later in the morning, Therriault apparently thought better of his attack, but Jay Caruso captured his tweets before they got deleted.

Someone is DEFINITELY off the DNC’s Christmas card list. *snort*

Yikes, someone is pissed off.

We all know the DNC worked to all but cheat Bernie out of his chance to run because it was ‘her turn,’ and look at how she returns the favor.


Once a Clinton, always a Clinton.