Oh Chelsea, this is getting pathetic.

Huh? Really?

What about Obama and Hilldawg?

We know, the ‘whataboutism’ is getting SUPER old, but these dipped cones just keep saying and doing really stupid and hypocritical things.

She didn’t forget it, she ignored it. When Democrats do these things there’s supposedly a good reason for it.

We know, their hypocrisy knows no limits and their behavior after the 2016 election proves it.

Wonder if she loved having a president who got along so well with Iran where they throw gay people off roofs of tall buildings and treat women as property?

And she didn’t win, whoohoo!

Of course she was ok, Obama was her hope and change and stuff.

He was AWFUL and pretended every woe in the world was America’s fault.

We’re done with that, Chelsea, and too damn bad if you don’t love it.