Tom Perez says a LOT of stupid stuff, but this tweet about Republicans ‘blindly’ passing anything just bit ol’ Nancy Pelosi right in her backside …

It’s seriously like Democrats have ZERO ability to remember their own past.

Nancy “We have to pass it so you know what’s in it” Pelosi will forever haunt the Left.

Ain’t it grand?

You know what’s even grander? Watching Democrats scold Perez for being a dillhole.


Yeah DNC, get it together.


Sorry, Perez is too busy writing tweets that Conservatives can turn around and use to nuke Nancy Pelosi.

She does realize she’s talking about Democrats, right?

Man up. Psh.

Buddy. We love it.

Almost as much as we’d love a third party to come in and put the final nail in the Democrat’s coffin.