Twitter can be one of the most challenging and annoying things on the planet … trust us, we cover it every day.

But every once in awhile a photo or a tweet comes along that reminds you that Twitter can be an awesomely fun place.

Like this photo-tweet Senator Ben Sasse shared earlier today:

Such a great reminder that these folks are human, and SOME of them even have a sense of humor.

Thankfully the Free Beacon took the photo and called for a caption contest online, and the results were HILARIOUS. Here are some of our favorites:

Sasse is clearly out of control.


Schumer has ordered TWO of them!

Even Representative Swalwell got in on it … EL OH EL.


Oh no, don’t give them any ideas.

Not a good visual.


Sasse himself even captioned the photo he sorta captioned earlier when posting the original photo.