Ok that’s it, we’re done.

Sweet meteor of death, you can make your grand entrance any day now.

Yes people, it’s a prancing poo.

Or a dancing doody to be more accurate and it’s being used to promote constipation awareness because apparently people didn’t realize that sometimes you just can’t poop.

Via Newsweek:

If you’re a responsible user of emojis then you probably opt to include one of them in your texts rather sparingly. The smiling, bright-eyed pile of poop—one of the most popular among the 2,000 emojis available—is a statement piece that tends to be reserved for special occasions. It can be used in place of the common expletive, insinuate that things have gone in the metaphorical toilet or evoke passive-aggression. The poop emoji is also employed by some to articulate physical health, typically interpreted as “I feel like crap.”

You know someone who spent a lot of time in college was paid a crap-ton of money (pun intended) to come up with this poop-moji … welcome to 2017.

Honestly there are several grosser words to describe doody … just sayin’.

That being said, this is not an invitation to name them.

Yeah, sexists!

Dude, no.

But still, HA HA HA.

Editor’s note: That moment when you realize you just wrote an article on a poop emoji … yup, all done.