Wondering if Senator Tim Kaine is starting to feel his own irrelevance since he and that lady with the bad pantsuits lost the election six months ago …

With no real argument against Trump’s so-called “travel ban” (which any thinking person understands isn’t an actual ban but whatever), Kaine decided to get melodramatic and make stuff up:


It’s cruel to want to make sure people entering our country aren’t doing so in order to kill us. Hrm.

And WTF is unconstitutional about vetting people from certain countries that do a poor job vetting their own people? This is not about Islam, and Kaine knows it.

That doesn’t mean he won’t lie about it to push a narrative, though.

What she said.

But the facts of this vetting make it sound reasonable, and the basis of everything Tim Kaine and the other Democrats supports is all about being unreasonable and dramatic.

And you’ll keep waiting because there is nothing unconstitutional in this order.

Yikes let’s hope not – it’s already grown enough already.