Democrats, and Republicans, could learn a thing or two about how to pass legislation from Mary Katherine Ham.

For example, her Obamacare “rant” is spot on:

You mean you don’t have to terrify people to buy into your policies? Get outta here.

Facts speak louder than emotions. But if we aren’t scaring the crap out of people they’ll never follow along!

Anyone who spoke out against Obamacare, especially in a pundit-capacity, was treated poorly and called hacks.

Among other things.

But Democrats WANT to believe Obamacare is a utopian system … that’s their biggest problem. Well that and being overly-emotional and reactive about EVERYTHING Trump says or does.

And honestly Ham proves she is no hack because she’s NOT falling in line with the GOP’s Obamacare “do-over”:


We kinda sorta love Mary Katharine Ham and aren’t afraid to say so.