Every once in awhile a tweet crosses your timeline that causes you to pause, reload and look again because it was just that stupid.

For example, this tweet from the Cato Institute on terror:

Funny how they picked the day after the BIGGEST terror attack on American soil, ever.

Not funny ha ha but funny convenient.

If you read the article (and we’re sorry if you click it) the entire piece is based on research via Georgia State that cites CNN.com as a news reference so there’s that …

Apparently far right extremist groups are responsible, not ISIS who has taken credit for every terrorist act in the last several years.


They can’t include 9/11 because that negates their stupid argument.

Remember though, they said it was a homophobic thing, not a terror attack.



They should, but they won’t.

If they include 9/11 they don’t really have a story.

Although most thinking people likely don’t think is a story anyway.

Nope. Can’t trust ’em.

Like most things under the Obama administration.