When will smug elites figure out many people voted for Trump because they were tired of being treated like they didn’t matter? You’d think by now they’d understand that THIS attitude from the Left, specifically from the media, didn’t do the Democrats any favors in 2016.

Take Gabriel Snyder for instance:

Because nothing makes someone want to support your politics like talking down to them and pretending they don’t matter.

Of course they need to minimize the fact that Hillary couldn’t beat the most unpopular candidate in history … which technically makes HER the most unpopular candidate in history.

Truth hurts.

That’s a BIGLY minority even if you can’t math good, like Gabriel.

They always leave off the fact that if she hadn’t won big in California and New York she’d have lost the popular vote as well. Proving once again the importance of the Electoral College; two states shouldn’t dictate who our president is.

*sad trombone*

Thank God we do.