The media has been joyfully reporting on Republicans facing tough Town Hall meetings … what about this one?

Oh that’s right, Dianne is a Democrat and the media doesn’t want us to know they’re unpopular right now as well.


Tough crowd, eh Dianne?

Brutal, right?


While Feinstein was dropping Capitol Hill-speak phrases like “omnibus” — a bill that addresses multiple issues — and “CR” — continuing resolution, a type of appropriations legislation — audience members were demanding she speak out against the “fascists in the White House” and commit to a single payer health plan. “I’m not there yet” she said on single payer.

Many in the audience were associated with the San Francisco and East Bay chapters of Indivisible, the national anti-Trump network that has galvanized resistance efforts across the country. Yet aside from one persistent heckler, occasional shouts of “answer the question” and a rousing chorus of “single payer now,” the audience at what Feinstein staffers believe was her largest public town hall was fairly tame compared with what some of her colleagues have faced around the country.

She was heckled, booed and interrupted over and over again. Yeah, we get it, was playing it down because if you watch these short videos you can see that it was no picnic for Feinstein.

The senator faced even more pushback (from her OWN side) on Twitter:

Oddly enough, Dianne’s team didn’t tweet about this Town Hall.

Gosh, wonder why.