Well this is disconcerting.

Sure, Trump was so desperate to distract from Russia that he authorized the launch of 60,000 POUNDS of explosives to hit an airbase in Syria. You really have to wonder if these people even READ the nonsense they write … good gravy.

What the what? There is NO Muslim Ban … sigh.

Guess we shouldn’t expect much from someone who believes Trump is actually petty enough to fire missiles into Syria just as a distraction.

Because this guy knows EXACTLY what the Trump administration is planning.

He’s too busy basing ridiculous Twitter rants on the way he FEELS.

Of course it wasn’t, but Obama fanboy here isn’t going to admit that. In fact he’s likely pushing the nonsense that the mean ol’ GOP blocked Obama from taking military action in Syria before; even though Obama was more than happy to act in Libya without approval.

It’s sad the lengths these folks will go to protect Obama’s legacy, because that’s really what he’s trying to do here.