Peter Daou thinks Hillary is the bee’s knees so SURELY Dems should totally take his advice.

Sounds legit.

Outrageous THEFT! Give us a break.

Garland doesn’t own that seat anymore than the Democrats do. It belongs to the people, and we elected a Republican who has nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch … this argument about Garland is just more big baby drama.

No wonder Daou digs it.

Right? You don’t see Hillary super-fan Daou talking much about how Hillary and the DNC totally screwed Bernie over … BUT GARLAND!

And thanks to Joe Biden that’s not the case.

It’s like Democrats either are absolutely ignorant OR deliberately ignore their own party. Then again, if we were Democrats we might ignore ourselves at this point as well.

It’s always about payback and vengeance with the Left. *yawn*

Biden rule for the win!