So according to the loons at Daily Kos, when Pence gave power back to the states to determine their own budgets he ended women’s health care.

Who knew?

Pence was even GLEEFUL about it.


Luckily, Conservative women were more than happy to correct this fear-mongering from the Daily Kos:

Sorry, we read somewhere that hospitals all over the country kicked women out the moment Pence broke this tie … yup.

But lying is what they do best. Meanie.

Clearly the only type of health care the Daily Kos thinks women should have is the kind where they go in and kill an unborn baby. Duh.

To be fair they are wrong about most if not all things, yup.

GLEEFULLY. Hey, anything to paint Pence as some maniacal evil Republican taking health care from women, when in reality all he did was end ANOTHER overreach from the Obama administration.

Well, that was a MAKE BELIEVE mammogram, clearly.

Honorary mentions from mean icky men (ha!):

Shew! Thank goodness for being able to think on your feet.


They really reported this crap.

Shhh, reality is painful for these types.


Our response to this nonsense in one gif ^

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