Oh look, the media is hating on Christians again. How original.

Imagine if the media spent even a tenth of the amount of time trashing Muslims as it does trashing Christians.

Of course that will never happen because Christians aren’t known for tossing people off of buildings if you disagree with them. The worst they might do is PRAY FOR YOU … the HORROR!

Sopan Deb of the New York Times tweeted the following:

Don’cha love it when the media pretends Christians hate poor people?

Of course they desperately need to frame the Right (and especially mean ol’ Christians) in this way because their BS progressive agenda is falling down around them.

Of course he didn’t say that and the passage doesn’t say that EITHER, but they need to pretend it does to push the “GOP hates poor people” narrative that has become their bread and butter.

Please don’t encourage him to try again; the first time was painful enough.

C’mon man, we’re supposed to pretend people don’t abuse the system and that everyone on food stamps absolutely cannot feed themselves.

Encouraging people to fend for themselves and not allow the government to control them by providing their basic needs is MEAN and oppressive … didn’t you get the memo?