Sometimes it’s best to just sit back and let a rant/tweetstorm speak for itself … especially when it’s a feminist who’s SO mad at Pence for protecting his marriage that you know she shook her fist at the monitor when she tweeted.

And then knitted another vagina hat for her angry cat.

Clearly a man respecting his wife is super-duper-awful and promotes rape culture or something:

Pence never said that men and women couldn’t be friends, but go ahead, rant on:

Yes, we’re the weird ones, not people walking around with vaginas on their heads.

We can’t decide if she’s deliberately ignorant about religion to make some ridiculous statement or if she really thinks this way. Either way, yikes.

Like, hey, that’s not what Pence said (again) but whatever helps you hate better at night.

Oh the Alinsky is strong with this one – and that’s not a good thing.


Apparently that’s not weird?

Shhh, a man respecting his wife is clearly just more patriarchy.