Argh, the stupid literally burns.

Feminist Jill Filipovic wrote a bunch of garbage pretending to defend Tomi Lahren as a means to attack the right and how they treat women.

Via CNN:

Lahren, apparently, didn’t get the memo that the American right is happy with sexy women as long as those women appear sexy to appeal to men; women who have the nerve to think they have the right to their own sexual and reproductive choices, well, they are not so welcome in the GOP.
Conservative men used Lahren as the perennial example of the sexually appealing right-wing woman, as a way to imply or outright say that liberal women are ugly. That jab, of course, rests on the idea that women are only as valuable as they are hot, a standard that clearly doesn’t apply for men — Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, or most of the other Republican men populating the White House. But Lahren was happy to play along.
Seriously? It sounds like Jill is the real sexist here but hey, what do we know?

Dumb people look at Jill like, “Wow, you’re not bright.”

And so damn insulting.

Beyond reproach dishonest and just mean.

Right? Feminists are usually so rational in their arguments.

Of course she’s flat out lying – her whole agenda revolves around the fact that men are evil and women are victims. To accept otherwise would mean the end of feminism … wouldn’t that be glorious?

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