Kamala doesn’t want people to point fingers over the health care bill FAIL on Friday. In fact she is doing an awful lot of lecturing on the fact that it’s time to work together to increase affordable health care … blah blah blah.


However, looking at Kamala’s timeline, she might want to stop pointing fingers at others for pointing fingers … just sayin’.


Huh. Sounds an awful lot like she’s pointing fingers at the GOP.

Wait, this guy’s pointing fingers too … we thought that was a bad thing.

Oh look, even more finger pointing.

It’s funny (not funny ha ha, funny weird) how the Democrats keep pretending they were the ones to stop the bill in the first place; anyone paying attention knows it was Conservatives. So really her bloviating about working together is still leading from behind.

Yeah, that’s us pointing a finger at her.

Our bad.


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