TheBlaze TV’s Tomi Lahren inspired conservatives across the country to reach for the closest flaming torch Friday after she and the ladies of “The View” found some common ground and bonded over their pro-choice bona fides.

So, that’s one person in America who had a great time.

It’s only fair to cut Lahren a little slack; she wasn’t particularly eloquent in describing her pro-choice views — “The View” is hardly the place for that — but there was more to her defense than, “I am a constitutional.”

Lahren addressed some of the backlash both Friday and Saturday on Twitter, where there’s only a 140-character limit to cut you off.

Lahren racked up more than 10,000 likes between those two tweets, but Glenn Beck didn’t seem to be liking much of what he’d heard.

Ouch. Did anyone get the license number of that bus?

Not an unfair question at all, though we wonder if Lahren and Beck haven’t had a discussion or two offline since “The View” aired.


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