You know she was shaking her fist at the computer screen and scaring her cats while writing these angry tweets …



We thought you progressive types liked science. Females (ie women) have a uterus, men do not.

And please stop with the cis-this or cis-that … it’s so boring.


You evil man you! So you’re saying people should only pay for the care they need and want to pay for?! Oppressor!

And duh.

Are you insane?! How can this work?! Surely it would just lead to DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER … MASS HYSTERIA!

Saxena literally just made the conservative’s argument on health care for them, that people shouldn’t pay for care they will never use.

Of course she just thought she was trashing men (aka humans with penises) but still.

C’mon Christopher, be that guy. Don’t apologize for understanding reality and calling it out.