It would seem our friendly Sean Spicer parody account, @sean_spicier, fooled another journo with his hilarious tweets, but this time he fooled a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Interesting how these so-called reporters can’t be bothered to even read the name or look for a blue checkmark, they’re so anxious to hate on Spicer and the Trump administration in general:

Oh ouch.

She obviously REALLY wanted to slam Spicer but ultimately the joke was on her.

At least unlike the last journo who tried to take Sean Spicier seriously, Schultz didn’t deactivate her account. She did however delete her tweet …

Thank goodness for screencaps.

Nothing like watching someone so absolutely smug stick their proverbial foot in their mouth.

This parody account may be one of the best things ever on Twitter.

If he (or she) isn’t, we will.

Oh, and this gal got fooled too… her bio says she is a social media strategist. Perhaps the first rule of social media strategy should be to look for the blue check? Just sayin’.

Yet so far.


Hook, line and SINKER! Reporter is fooled by Sean Spicer parody, trashes Trump THEN deletes her account