If we’ve learned anything about Democrats, it’s that they really don’t understand how things work.

Not even being a little bit snarky here, it’s just the reality of who they are.

For example they’ve been using car insurance as proof that the government should be able to force you to have health insurance. Well in that case, car insurance only covers catastrophic or accidental issues … it doesn’t cover basic maintenance.

So shouldn’t health insurance work the same way?

No, the moral is people shouldn’t be forced to have coverage for things they may never need. Men don’t have babies and women don’t have prostates … this is not about morality, it’s about reality.

And we know, Democrats struggle with that.

Nu-uh! No WAY people had babies before the government tried to take over healthcare – fibber.

It’s cute when Democrats talk about morality … and by cute we mean warped and creepy.

Immoral and absolutely un-American, but go ahead Chelsea, keep lecturing us on morality and what the little people’s insurance should cover.


We all have different morals? Maybe? No? We got nothin’.


Walk away! Charles C.W. Cooke’s response to woman lecturing him on conservative sources is HILARIOUS