SNL went after Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway on this week’s show.

Shocker, right?

We’ve come to expect nothing less from them. Predictable, angry and full of cheap, easy shots.

Kellyanne in particular has become some sort of creepy obsession with them, between portraying her as the crazy woman in Fatal Attraction to this week’s ridiculous Forrest Gump bit …

Here is the full cold open:

Remember when SNL was funny?

Yeah, we don’t either.

Oh, and watch for the Kellyanne Conway pop up here:

C’mon SNL, you can only go to the Trump well SO many times before people get bored.

Besides, Matt Dawson beat you to it, and his art was way funnier.


HA! Conservative artist Matt Dawson creates HILARIOUS memes of Kellyanne Conway ‘sitting on the couch’