Whad’ya know … the site that is supposed to fact-check the media got the Ellison and DWS story wrong.

Color us totally shocked.


Via TownHall:

So, this isn’t fake news. The both of them sat through the actual dedication portion Trump had for Owens in his speech and two standing ovations. I can’t attest to the claims that other right-leaning sites have made about the whole affair, but concerning Ellison and DWS remaining seated for the roughly two-minute standing ovation (and the shorter one that followed) after the president honored Ryan’s service and his widow, Carryn–they just sat there.

Benny Johnson of the Independent Journal Review was THERE and tweeted Snopes directly about their … fake news.

You’d think MAYBE the guy actually THERE would know what he’s talking about?

Just sayin’.

Wow. We are totally SHOCKED that Snopes could be even a teensy bit biased.

Hey, we said so at the beginning of this article.

Totally. Shocked.


As if we needed a reminder that DWS and Ellison are just awful.


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