The Women’s March continues to engage Twitter about their upcoming event, “Day Without A Woman.” So of course, Twitter just keeps on trolling the group and the event …

These chicks never learn.

Yeah, who’s with us?!

Stay golden, Pony Boy.

Right? So if you’re a woman how can you go a day without yourself? And what if you’re already off that day? What if you’re allergic to red dye or need to shop for food?


THAT woman, over there. She’s a real pain in the butt.

Apparently the only way for a woman to truly make a difference is to skip work and ignore her family for a day. Oh, and she’s supposed to wear red and not shop, or something.

Don’t blame us, we didn’t come up with this crap.

Yeah, this isn’t going to end well, Women’s March.


And that’s the ridiculous reality behind these events – women in America have the same rights as men do. But hey, if wearing red and playing hooky makes some women feel powerful …

Nope, sorry, it’s still just silly.


That’ll show the patriarchy! Women’s March releases details of Day Without a Woman (snicker)