It would seem Jessica Valenti is upset that Ivanka Trump is working with her father’s administration to focus on halting human trafficking. Any excuse to attack Ivanka … feminism is awful.

Not entirely sure why anyone would take issue with Ivanka over this, even if you don’t like Donald Trump.

Then again, we are dealing with feminism:

What does this have to do with protections for trans kids? Is Jessica saying we shouldn’t work to protect people being trafficked because the Trump administration knows the Feds shouldn’t legislate bathrooms?

And please STOP it and just let kids be kids.

She wants to wash her father’s stink off her reputation … this sounds creepy and awful.

It’s interesting (and by interesting we mean gross and pathetic) to watch a so-called feminist work so hard to hurt another woman. You’d think nothing would surprise us when it comes to feminism but this is just vile.