Umm, really?

Matt Yglesias tried to play identity politics with Trump and yeah, it didn’t work out so well for him. We get it, it’s all he knows because it’s all the Left knows but this is getting so boring.

Clearly the majority of Americans has been trying to move past it (they voted against identity politics BIGLY in 2016 even), but sadly people like Matt here can’t move past it.

Because playing identity politics was such a winning game plan in 2016. And like other Democrats, Yglesias will continue to play this weird, passive aggressive race card. Which is absolutely pathetic if you think about it, THIS is their agenda?

But hey, no complaints here, if the Democrats want to keep losing elections that’s on them. We support their efforts fully … but of course will make fun of them in the meantime.


It doesn’t matter if he’s also a “white guy,” since he’s a progressive he’s allowed. But a photo of Trump with other white guys (and one white woman) is somehow cause to shame them for their color.

Which is … drum roll please … racist.

Oh the irony.