It’s seriously like Sally Kohn hasn’t been paying attention for the last eight years … President Trump has an elaborate lifestyle. Did she not see the Obamas?

Nope, we voted against the Clintons because we didn’t want a dynasty in the White House.

*sad trombone*

But Camelot is a SILLY place; gold star for anyone who catches this reference.

Watch this back and forth between Kohn and Shapiro about monies “wasted” (hands out popcorn):

ONE vacation for the FLOTUS.

Half a million.

‘Have probably’? Tsk tsk.

What about when they went to Africa?

Sally just doesn’t get it. We’d only take her concerns about expenditures of this type seriously if she had been calling out this issue with Obama, which she clearly did not. In fact she just defends it, like spending $5 million on a trip to Hawaii was somehow legit?

Would be interesting to look at the monthly cost for a president and compare Obama to Trump. Well, it would honestly freak us all out to see how much they’re wasting BUT Sally pretending Trump is extraordinary in this regard is just more political pandering.

Editor’s note: Yes, we covered Shapiro twice today, and we always cover Sally, BUT in our defense it’s just too good NOT to write about. Happy Friday!


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