This tweet from Seth Rogen was ALMOST as stupid as Sausage Party.

Almost … dude, that movie really was just crap.

And this tweet comes in a close second. When clowns beclown themselves it’s just sad … maybe Rogen missed it but Democrats tried REALLY HARD to destroy the planet while pretending they were protecting it.

See the JV Squad.

But he’s famous and stuff so we should care what he thinks, right?


It would be helpful if the crazed Left would shut up for a bit and let things play out before losing their collective shiznit.

Give the guy a chance, sheesh!

Something like that.

Of course it’s uncalled for, that’s why he did it.

First of all he thinks he’s funnier or more clever than other people so he loves the “sound” of his own tweets. Second and possibly more important is that with every bomb he films (and let’s be honest, “This Is The End” was the last funny movie he was in) he needs someway to remain relevant.

And what better way than tweeting out stupid things on Twitter?

Side note: Jr. doesn’t seem to have acknowledged Rogen.