Another day another protest another hashtag.

Or strike, or riot … not entirely sure what the progressives are doing now but TODAY is about immigrants striking. Well actually it’s about illegal immigrants walking out on their jobs to prove we need them to be here, illegally or something. Hence the tag, #DayWithoutImmigrants.

What they leave out is the fact that it’s not immigrants but ILLEGAL immigrants people have taken issue with:

They know Americans support and even embrace legal immigrants; we champion the idea of people moving to our country because they want to be Americans, and they care enough about it do to it legally.

But these folks need to make it about something ELSE to protect the illegal ones.

Another robot? 1%’r!


They are indeed openly thumbing their nose at our laws and disrespecting those who have come here legally.

Penalized at the very least.

They don’t understand the law and they don’t care about it.

There could definitely be a downside to this … guessing the protesters didn’t think about that.

There are actually companies taking part and telling their patrons, “Sorry, we know you paid for our service but you’re out of luck,” like Comfort Suites here:

Note to many selves, never stay there.