Has the New York Times finally gone too far?

This is really … just awful.

There are plenty of images NYT could have used for this headline that didn’t involve Stephen Miller’s head on a spike. This is just in seriously bad taste, imagine if Breitbart or another more conservative outlet had posted an image of say Valerie Jarrett’s head on a spike.


We also took a screencap of the tweet should NYT figure out this was inappropriate to post, but odds are they won’t because well … it’s the media. And these days they’re not exactly known for common sense.

We checked more than five times before we could actually believe it was real ourselves.


There are plenty of implications around the image and none of them are pleasant.

Fair point. Even if you’re not a fan of Miller, you should be able to recognize that this is just not ok.


The answer is no, there are sadly no limits to their insanity and this garbage proves it.

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