For real, Teen Vogue?

A teen magazine writing about gifts to give a friend after an abortion … all we can do is shake our heads.

Why would anyone EVER want to normalize abortion, let alone normalize abortion for teens? We should be working to PREVENT teen pregnancy, not making it more acceptable to just abort if you make a mistake. Teens deserve better than this!

Per Teen Vogue:

“She will need a ride, she will need a hug, and she will need you — not because the act itself is so terrible, but because sometimes the world can be.”

NOT because the act of killing an innocent is so terrible, but how people will treat her.


Yeah, this is pretty gross.

From Lifezette:

What makes the article so offensive is not the cutesy merchandise that’s suggested, including an “angry uterus” heating pad, or the blatant support of Planned Parenthood. Instead, it is the effort to convince young women, still too young to even purchase alcohol or vote, that abortion is not a serious issue.

Tone-deaf, classless and just awful.

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