Apparently some Elizabeth Warren sympathizers don’t exactly like their “heroine” being called out for lying about her Cherokee heritage, even when it’s done calmly and professionally as only Mary Katharine Ham can:

Really?! And what did Ham have to say about it?

Bingo. There is nothing hateful or unkind about listing off lies told by a senator to further her own career. If you don’t like what Warren did don’t yell at the messenger, yell at Warren.

Oh boy.

*snickers* That would be ok because umm … girl power? No?

Wha? Where did Ham call Warren a name?

Ok, that one is gonna leave a mark.

This guy really seems to want Ham to be as offended as he is. Sheesh.

Dude, walk away.

Yeah, the good Captain doesn’t get it. Well, a lot of people on the Left (and McMullin types it seems, which we’re not entirely sure where they sit politically) seem ok with the notion that Warren lied about her ancestry to take advantage of the system.

Meanwhile calling people names is way worse.