We haven’t seen much from Chelsea Clinton since her mom lost HISTORICALLY in November. Sure, every once in awhile she sends something out about Nazis and hand sanitizer (no, we’re not making that up) but for the most part she tweets nothing-burgers.

Except today when she saw fit to respond to Deray of all people and his outrage over white terrorism:

The congressman’s (whose name is Sean Duffy btw, Deray) response is perfect. The reporter points out incidents that while horrible were not the norm for a group of people joined together via an ideology, as opposed to ISIS where most every day you hear about some horrible act they’re involved in.

And let’s be honest, the order doesn’t say anything about ignoring white terrorists, but that didn’t stop Chelsea Clinton from jumping into the fray with Deray:

Check it out, multiple question marks, exclamation points AND CAPS.

Dude, she is totally outraged.

But white terror … wait, Hillary is white. Hrm.

Juuuuuust kidding.

The reality here is that terrorism isn’t about color, no matter how much Deray or Chelsea want to say otherwise. Terrorists don’t care what color you are and playing this game of ‘that’s racist’ with our safety is getting old.