This is getting old.

This NYT columnist MIGHT want to rethink his piece considering America is a melting pot who welcomes LEGAL IMMIGRANTS with open arms and has for hundreds of years. It’s when people enter the country illegally, or want to do harm, that we have to put the brakes on.

This is not un-American.

An honestly shame on this guy for pretending otherwise.

You tell him!

Oh yeah, they also have a border. So why oh why is America the bad guy for wanting the border protected? Please, would someone explain this?

And hey, if Canada is so great maybe he should head that way?

Editor’s note: Ever notice these types don’t threaten to leave the country and move to Mexico?


How edgy to trash America and her values because you disagree with the president.

It’s at times like this that we point to the last eight years and how you didn’t see Republicans dissing America because they didn’t support Obama. Unlike the emotional, temper-tantrum-throwing Left that is more than happy to trash the country and pretend we’re the bad guys.

Like we said, getting old.