You tell ’em, Greta.

In fact it’s BEYOND time for American feminists to stand up and speak OUT against Sharia Law and how horrible it is for women who live under it around the world. Instead they are too busy pretending we just don’t understand Sharia Law so they must defend it.

Well yeah, it’s far easier to dress up like vaginas and screech about abortion that hasn’t even been made illegal. Working to actually make change where it’s needed and warranted is way too much work for modern-day feminists.

Oh no no, in their rainbow-colored, glittery world Sharia Law is just misunderstood and stuff.

Linda has absolutely been a huge proponent in the Women’s March and of course has tweeted many things that are good about Sharia Law, like getting 10 weeks of paid leave when you have a baby.

Of course most women under Sharia Law aren’t allowed to work ANYWAY …

And knitting vagina hats, and making pretty, sparkly posters.

It really doesn’t make any sense, does it.

And c’mon, Sharia Law is rad, right? Hey, you live under tyranny, can’t drive a car and your husband can openly BEAT YOU but you get free money from the government.



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