Leave it to the media to deliberately misinterpret BIPARTISAN actions taken in the House regarding guns. Granted, being honest about the rule they rolled back, in that it was highly unpopular and could be used to take someone’s rights away without due process doesn’t make for such an exciting headline.

Expanding gun access for mentally impaired people? REALLY?

Would expect no less from Rachel Maddow.

So much eye rolling … like Guinness Book of Records amounts of eye rolling.

Of course it is! Because NARRATIVE man.

Oh, and it wasn’t just Republicans who did this, Democrats as well. It was a YUGELY unpopular rule.

The Left hates due process unless it’s for refugees … yeah, it doesn’t make any sense to us either.

D’oh! Does she also know doctors and disability advocates called for this change? But hey, let’s blame Republicans because TRUMP or some other nonsense.


‘So misleading’: Gun control crowd triggered by headlines about House rolling back background checks