It is beyond RIDICULOUS the number of people blaming the so-called list of ‘banned countries’ on the fact that Trump doesn’t have properties there. Like there was some giant conspiracy to let terrorists off the hook in certain countries because of money.

Seriously, the stupid burns … all they would need to do is READ something other than Vanity Fair but oh no.

Like Babs here, one of the wealthiest women in the world blaming the rich guy over a list of countries HE DIDN’T EVEN PICK.

Would someone please explain to Ms. Streisand that the list of countries being ‘banned’ came directly from her fave president, Barack Obama? Gosh Babs, follow the money with Obama then.

The previous administration put this list together based on the fact that they house terrorists and have no real way of vetting their citizens. Yup.

This is not some list concocted by Trump excluding countries where he makes money.

C’mon people.

Hypocritical ain’t it, that Obama was doing these same things and the Left never uttered a peep, the media never wrote a negative headline …

But that’s all she and her ilk know how to do, regurgitate ‘lib speak’. Asking them to think like a normal human being would likely be oppressive and then they’d stand up at some awards ceremony for a half hour and bitch that the normies were mean to them.

So much eye rolling and we’re only 11 days in.