Good question.

And ya’ know, we’re not sure. The last time Twitchy really paid attention to them another of their “journalists” was attacking a show on HGTV for supporting traditional marriage. Technically it would seem Buzzfeed is really just a group of bullies.

For example, their “tech” editor, John Paczkowski, went on some odd corporate witch hunt in an attempt to shake down tech corporations over the controversial travel ban.

Some corporations apparently declined to comment because they understand it’s stupid for business …

Of course that wasn’t good enough for Buzzfeed.

Nope, they didn’t learn a thing. People who think they know everything already seldom do.

Good for Amazon.

You know he thinks this will work … sad boy.

But Trump!



This is what’s really about, Buzzfeed feeling in some way powerful over corporations because that’s what bullies do.