Since we know the media won’t report accurately on the March for Life, we will. For example, the media and pro-aborts will tell you it was a small crowd.


In this footage, the march goes so far back on the street you can’t see the end of it, not to mention it overflows onto the sidewalks and side yards.

Thousands and thousands of people turned up in Washington D.C. and around the country to march for life today. To stand for life.

Media is predictably not covering the march even a quarter of the amount they covered the silly vagina march, but what do you expect?

The March for Life looks very different from the vagina thing, no one showing their boobs, no one dressed up like vaginas … just Americans joining efforts to celebrate life.

Funny how those who protect life are the peaceful ones.

Ugh, right? For women supposedly being against the objectification of their sex they sure objectify themselves a lot.

These people.