You know that face you make when someone tweets something SO STUPID? Like you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little?

Yeah, read Jessica Valenti’s tweet on ‘bodily integrity’:

Huh? We’re not sure if this would be considered a straw man or just a failed comparison by a person who is running out of defenses for killing the unborn. Maybe both.

Silly, she doesn’t believe babies have bodily integrity because that goes against her stupid narrative.

It’s sorta like Jessica wants to hold abortion hostage for kidneys? Ha!


She has no interest in any life other than her own, if she did she’d understand why people fight to stop abortion as contraception. Sadly she and far too many other women think abortion is empowering, when in reality it’s the weakest thing a woman can do.


Wha? Oh boy, she’s doubled down on stupid.

PLEASE. Take control of your bodies, take birth control, stop getting pregnant … that would be awesome.

Pretending that pro-life people care about your sex life? No.

God no.


We care about accountability and the right to life. Period. Your sex life is your business … unless you want us to pay for it but that’s another story.

Responsability? Hell you say?!

We could support that.

The ignorance is deliberate.


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