It certainly seems to be raining crap all over Deadspin editor, Tim Marchman, who challenged all of Twitter to a fistfight over a tweet.

Why does the saying, “Don’t start none, won’t be none” keep coming to mind in this situation?

So, in addition to Dana Loesch offering to pay for Kennedy’s plane ticket, Glenn Beck and Tim Kennedy have each offered up $50,000 for a grand total of $100,000 for charity if Marchman fights. Doc Thompson JUST issued the challenge to Marchman on his show …


Doc Thompson’s audio:

From Glenn Beck’s show:

Beck: So we’re offering a guaranteed $50,000 … it will make it an event and we’ll make it a pay per view. Every dime will go to charity.

Kennedy: And you know I’ll match yours.

Beck: You’re offering $50,000 as well?

Kennedy: I am.

Beck: HOLY COW! That’s OK. So there’s a hundred thousand dollars. Yeah you could. I mean we could make this a big deal … There is a possibility of making this into a quarter of a million dollar fight and I’m sure Planned Parenthood would like some of that money Mr. Marchman if you can get in the ring with Tim and beat him. You could make a lot of money …

It also sounds like if they were to fight, The Blaze would broadcast it on PPV in #theblazeOctagon, adding in WHO KNOWS how much

All for charity.

C’mon Marchman, you like charity right?