Raise your hand if you’re SUPER TIRED of hearing the word vagina these days?

Right? We are too BUT this tweet from Matt Walsh is so spot on when dealing with the ridiculousness of the Left we had to share it, even though it mentions vagina twice.

Bingo! Ok, so is it only men who agree with abortion who identify as having a vagina who can have an opinion? It always gets super confusing when you start trying to look at identity politics as a literal thing.

The more confusing and less sense it makes the more they seem to like it, this is true.

Exactly! What about the women who actually are born with vaginas who disagree with abortion? Heck, those women were shunned from the largest women’s march in history, all while CAIR was welcomed with open arms.

Pro-life vaginas don’t count or something.


Don’t ask for us to pay for it and we won’t care about regulating it. What is so difficult about this concept?

Oh yeah, liberalism.

Ain’t it grand?


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