Beyond the fact that the Left will hate any and every pick Trump makes for his cabinet, the Left’s reaction to Betsy DeVos is a clear sign she is the right pick for Education. Our public school system is full of union influence that protects crap schools and crappier teachers, always putting the child last. Time to change that.

No more unions protecting Democrats protecting unions protecting Democrats at the cost of our children’s education.

NOT CHOICE! We can’t let parents choose where their kids go to school because that would mean the schools have to be accountable! No fair!

And as they always do, anytime the word choice comes up and it’s not in direct correlation to abortion, the Left loses their proverbial shiznit:

Hey, if that gutting is getting rid of unions who hold education hostage and line their own pockets with dues, let’s ‘git ‘er done.’

How dare Dick and Betsy DeVos give money to a CHRISTIAN school. The horror!

Gosh, wonder how much money the staff of Mother Jones has given to public schools … wanna bet it’s not much if anything?

So edgy. An act of unity by division.

The Left will never learn. But that doesn’t mean DeVos won’t try and teach them.