For months and months, Democrats scolded Republicans for not saying they would accept the results of the election, mainly because the Left thought they had it all wrapped up. If they had for one moment thought Hillary would lose, odds are they’d have been the ones questioning the legitimacy of said election.

Like they have been since November.

Lewis would be the first to call out a Republican for this behavior, but since he’s a Democrat and a supposed civil rights activist apparently it’s acceptable to act like a spoiled brat. Like even Hillary Clinton herself said:

Do as they say, not as they do. Right Democrats?

Many Republicans would likely agree with what Hillary said here, it’s unfortunate she didn’t mean it UNLESS she won.

And of course in the midst of Dana schooling John Lewis and other Democrats on the legitimacy of our election, the usual trolls showed up on her timeline. She is truly a magnet for gross and stupid:

And mic drop.


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