You don’t have to be a Twitchy reader to know that Hollywood has lost its marbles since Hillary Clinton LOST the election. Especially people like Joss Whedon who tweeted something so foul to Speaker Ryan that even some of his fans seemed a little shocked by it.

As one would imagine Twitter erupted, calling him out for the tweet but none slammed him more eloquently and perfectly than Ben Shapiro:

Can you IMAGINE the screeching if a famous conservative tweeted such a thing to Nancy Pelosi?

They’d be calling for a boycott before the tweet was retweeted even once.

Or worse. Oh and the bleating about the rape culture and oppression and the patriarchy. *eye roll*

They have the morals of guinea pigs – our apologies to guinea pigs.

Sadly much of his base will think what he said was EDGY and funny … too few will walk and so his ridiculousness will continue.

All warm and toasty.


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