Jenna asked a very simple question about feminism, one many sane, free-thinking people likely think to themselves at least once a day:

Or better yet, why are feminists so annoying? In general. All of the time.

They call it ‘third-wave feminism,’ and indeed it is built around the idea that women are victims. Period.

Hard to be empowered when an agenda claims the world (especially evil white, straight men) is out to GET YA’.


The feminism of today seems to have little tolerance for women who think for themselves. Only women who follow along with their agenda of rape culture and everything being sexist seem to fit in.

Which is likely why Jenna and other women like her find them so annoying.

That. ^

Right. Why wouldn’t they EMBRACE the feminine? Embrace what makes women, women? Fair question.

Feminism has been a mess for years, sadly.

THAT’S it!

Editor’s note: A woman wrote this. The end.


Who’s makin’ sammiches?! Women’s March devolves into catfight over, wait for it … racism (ha!)