Nothing says peace and tolerance like wishing death on people who are not like you.

FORGET that the term ‘cis’ is just another buzzword being used by Social Justice Warriors and the like to legitimize their agendas and ideas but c’mon … if all of the ‘cis’ people die, the human race would be kaput.

But that 3% would finally stop being oppressed.



It was the Russians you know.

Yes, they do.

If you go to Etsy and search on the term ‘cis’ all sorts of negative, horrible things are for sale. Buttons that say Support Your Sister, not your Cis-ster, Trust No Cis, Smash the Cis-tem, This Woman Has a Penis Deal With It and all sorts of other lovely, tolerant sayings.

We know what we’re putting on OUR Christmas list this year!

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